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              Xiamen Midon Sporting Goods Co.

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              Based on our high quality products and in line with international norms high

              Published: 2014-08-15    Posted by:    [Back]
              Midon Health International (Mydo Sports Equipment Co.Ltd) With economic development and peoples living standards improve, people are increasingly concerned about their health, and thus more keen to participate in various sports. Fitness is now a popular nowadays as fashion, fitness equipment industry is gradually emerging as a major consumer areas, as an important treadmill fitness equipment has been more widely used, and has broad market prospects. The versatility and high value-added R & D human scientific treadmill has important practical significance. 2009 "MYDU" officially entered the Chinese market, in the beautiful coastal city - Xiamen, established its first manufacturing plant: "Xiamen City Midon Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.", and to authorize the use of its trademark "MYDU" and R & D results, specializing in the production of high-end home use treadmill.